Your hosts Salvatore and Candido Cogoni grew up on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia – a corner of Italy with a unique history, its own language and very distinct tastes.

As boys, they picked lemons the size of footballs from the trees, helped gather sheep and goats, from which come the island’s delicious cheeses, and foraged for funghi and wild asparagus in the hills.

Simple meals were  – and still are –  prepared with the freshest ingredients, shared with the best of friends and served with plenty of pane e vino (bread and wine!).

Their mother Antonietta taught the boys to cook. Their father Antonio taught Candido to fish, selling their catch to local families and restaurants.

Today, you’ll find the island’s culinary heritage reflected in many of the dishes on our menu.

Salvatore and Candido have run Pane e Vino in Pocklington since 1999. The restaurant’s sister company Terra Sarda Tours, started by Candido and his partner Sue, now organises food and wine tours of Sardinia.

The whole family invites you to share their family table and wishes you ‘buon appetito’